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Pick and Pack Warehouse

Our primary objective is to support the rapidly growing market of local business-to-customer shipping and e-commerce through our comprehensive product fulfillment service. We strive to efficiently supply goods and manage orders in a timely manner, catering to individual customer requests and meeting all our clients’ requirements.

At BPT Fulfilment & Logistics, we offer product fulfillment services for both local businesses and internet retailers. Our process involves carefully picking, packing, and delivering orders to customers’ homes or addresses, with a strong focus on maintaining accuracy, order turnaround, and timely delivery.

In our Melbourne warehouse, we leverage a state-of-the-art inventory management and warehousing system, custom-designed and developed from the ground up by our company. Whether your business is a start-up or an established corporate company, we provide third-party fulfillment logistics solutions (3PL) to meet the needs of all sizes of businesses.

Our experienced consultants provide flexible, sustainable, and cost-effective bespoke partnership solutions tailored to meet all your needs after a thorough analysis of your operations. To ensure efficient processing and delivery of pick and pack e-commerce online ordering fulfillment, we emphasize the following components:

Exceptional Customer Service

We consistently prioritize providing excellent customer service and consider it an integral part of our operations for efficient e-commerce and online order fulfillment. To ensure we deliver the best to our customers, we meticulously process, document, and sort goods at our warehouse, only accepting those that meet our high standards.

Online Management System

Our custom designed and developed management system ensures precise and prompt order fulfillment. In addition to providing timely updates, our Website System grants our clients round-the-clock online access to track their items, POD (Proof of Delivery), and monitor orders placements and progress.

Fast and Reliable Delivery

BPT Fulfilment & Logistics has its own transport trucking division, ensuring a seamless integration from our warehouse to the transport trucking cross docks, and ultimately to the end consumer or customer. This capability enables us to offer Australia-wide delivery at highly competitive rates.

Why Use a 3PL Warehouse

The majority of retailers, wholesalers, and online ordering businesses are widely exploring third-party fulfillment logistics (3PL) solutions. By adopting this system, they can minimize capital investment required for warehousing and eliminate the need for full or part-time staff. As a result, business owners and managers can redirect their focus to other aspects of their operations, saving both time and money. This approach aims to foster long-lasting partnerships with our company.

Through our online Management System, businesses can conveniently insert all their orders, and our team will handle the process of taking goods out of stock, packing, recording, and appropriately transporting them to the customers.

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Additional Services

Unloading Containers: We offer both palletized unloading and manual unloading of containers to suit your needs.

Accuracy Check: Our team verifies the content of each container for accuracy, and any discrepancies are promptly reported.

Repacking and Organizing: We provide goods repacking services and ensure they are stored in a manner that allows easy identification and efficient order fulfillment.

Safe Storage: Goods are stored meticulously to prevent any damage or mishandling.

Customized Warehousing: We offer warehousing services tailored to meet specific customer specifications.

Efficient Tracking: Each dispatched item is recorded with a tracking number and a corresponding serial number for easy monitoring.

Pick and Pack Service: We provide reliable pick and pack services for efficient order processing.

Express and Standard Dispatch: Choose between Same Day Dispatch for express delivery and Next Day Dispatch for standard delivery options.

Transparent Online Access: Clients can enjoy transparent online access, gaining insight into their inventory and order status.

Quality Control: We implement rigorous quality control processes throughout the processing and storage of goods.

Track and Trace: Customers have the convenience of online track and trace services for both warehousing and freight.

Enhanced Scanning: Our advanced scanning system reduces the chance of human errors during product handling.