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Zhengzhou Weichang Technology Co., Ltd.

“BPTFL is more than just a good partner for us! At first, we did not trust them very much, we only worked together on a very small part of the business, but they completely conquered us with warm service and outstanding professional attitude! Now we give them all our warehousing business, and surprisingly, our warehousing costs have dropped by 20%. I introduced it to my friends and they are also experiencing the “value” of BPTFL.”

Shenzhen Breo Technology Co. Ltd.

“Bit Pixel Tech Fulfilment & Logistics is one of the best AU Warehouse services that I have ever used. Not only their professional operation but also the excellent customer service. Very pleasant cooperation!”

Shantou Huantuo Logistics Co., Ltd.

“High-quality service and speed!! I tried BPTFL under the recommendation of others. It was a satisfying attempt. They provide a lot of services and the price is very reasonable. Every time I encounter a problem, they will answer patiently. I have cooperated several times and are very satisfying. I really recommend this company!!!”

Zhongguo Information Technology Co. Ltd.

“The BPTFL service is great. They provide fast relabelling and delivery service. BPTFL was quick and prompt and answered all questions to the best of their ability. Their charge was also reasonable. Excellent service!”

Jiujiang Ziyu Trade Co. Ltd.

“Great service and really nice work. I looked at several companies which provided storage, relabelling and delivery services before I chose BPTFL. Thank god I chose him! The charges they have is very reasonable, cheaper than whatever Amazon or others offer. Definitely recommend!!!”

Profits Technology Co. Ltd.

“Great service and speed! I have used many different warehouses overseas, and they often operate very slowly (over 1 week). However, the handling time for BPTFL is only 1 day!! No mistakes too! Brilliant with very reasonable prices. I truly recommend this company.”