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Enquire Now

Reach us via email, phone, WeChat or WhatsApp at any time of the day and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Email: [email protected]
Mobile: +61 469 327 805
WeChat ID: BitPixelTech
WhatsApp: +61469327805

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How to get started

Working with us is very simple, have a chat with us, agree on the prices and requirements, fill out necessary paperwork and we will be ready to receive your first shipment.


Chat with us

Give us a call or send us a message with your requirements and we will give you our best price


Do the Paperwork

Fill out the paperwork we send you detailing the list of items, sizes and quantity and send it back to us

Ship Your Goods

You can begin to send your first batch of goods to our warehouse and we will tell you as soon as it arrives

Do you offer any discounts?

We offer discounts for regular cooperation and high volume customers.

What do I need to put on my cartons?

Before you ship goods to our warehouse, each carton must have your client ID, SKU and carton quantity, for example:

SKU: X0034LS7Y21
24 PCS /carton

Items being shipped from Amazon are exempt from the carton label, but must include the client ID in the receiver name field, for example:

[FL-C1234] Bit Pixel Tech

Can I visit your warehouse?

You are more than welcome to come visit our warehouse. Please note, an appointment must be made via call or text.

Do you offer international delivery?

At this stage we do not offer international delivery, however, we encourage you to express your interest.


We have one brand new and impressive facility that will not disappoint!


8-8A Rushwood Drive
Craigieburn, VIC 3064