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Fee Schedule

A clear picture of all our fees and charges in AUD


$0.52 /PCS

Handling fee charged per item when goods enter our warehouse. There is no carton fee1


$0.52 /Label

Relabelling fee charged per FNSKU and Transparency Label. FBA and Shipping Labels are FREE2


$0.70 /PCS

Inspection fee charged for detailed inspection of returned or Amazon LPN items


$0.52 /PCS

Charged instead of Handling Fee for goods returned by customer or has Amazon LPN label1


$0.12 /PCS

Disposal fee charged for items no longer wanted


$20 /m³ /Month

Storage fee charged per cubic metre per month, calculated daily. Eg. 0.5m³ stored for ½ month incurs a $5 fee3


$0.70 - $0.95 /Order

Fulfilment fee charged per order for pick and pack of items

Additional Item

$0.20 /PCS

Fulfilment fee charged for each dditional item shipped together in one fulfilment order


Subject to service

Service fee charged at an agreed rate for non-standard tasks that are completed


$0.98 /PCS

Repack fee to put items in new bag or box for resale


$0.98 /bundle

Bundling fee to pack or bundle multiple items together


$0.10+ /PCS

Packaging fee charged per satchel or box used. Recycled boxes are FREE and will be prioritied


As per carrier

Shipping fee charged for fulfilment orders will be charged at carrier provided rates4,5,6

Freight & Forwarding

As per carrier

Freight & forwarding fees charged as per carrier for commercial shipments throughout Australia6


Based on quantity & cooperation

Discounts are offered based on quantity of products and long term regular cooperation

[-] All prices are in Australian Dollars (AUD) and inclusive of GST.
[-] Prices are subject to change due to internal or external factors with adequate notice provided.
[1] If item is returned by a customer to Amazon or to BPTFL Warehouse, or contains an LPN label, return fee will be charged, handling fee will not be charged for these.
[2] FBA carton label and shipping labels are free of charge. Specialised label sizes will incur an additional fee.
[3] Storage volume is calculated daily and charged at $20/cbm per month. A minimum of 1 month storage will be charged.
[4] Remote parcel deliveries incur a surcharge as per carrier.
[5] If customers order multiple items per order, the shipping cost will need to be recalculated based on total size and weight of carton after consolidation.
[6] Shipping time is approx. 1-3 working days to metropolitan Melbourne and 2-5 working days to most of metropolitan Australia.

Service Pricing Examples

Example of how we charge the various fees based on the services provided

Labelling Only Service

When goods are sent to our warehouse for labelling or relabelling from an Amazon warehouse, the following charges will apply:

• Handling

250pcs x $0.52 = $130

When goods are received for relabelling, they are counted one by one, the outer packaging of each product is inspected for any damage and photos taken if requested

• Labelling

250pcs x $0.52 = $130

Once we confirm total quantity, we will print your labels and paste FNSKU and Transparency labels on your products. If there is an old label, we can cover the old label with new. The carton will then be packed to fit maximum number of PCS in each box and FBA carton labels will be stuck to the outside of each box

• Freight & Forwarding


We will measure and weigh each box and enter the details into the system. This will generate a shipping price and labels. These labels will then be printed and stuck on the cartons. For example, if the carton size is 40cm x 33cm x 29cm and 15.5kg each with a total of 2 cartons sent to Amazon MEL1 warehouse, the price will be $28

Storage & Forwarding Service

When goods are sent to our warehouse for storage and to stock up Amazon FBA inventory, the following charges will apply:

• Handling

800pcs x $0.52 = $416

When goods are received for storage, each carton is inspected for any damages, the number of cartons are counted, multiplied by the number of items in each carton and put onto a pallet. These pallets are kept on our warehouse racking for storage

• Storage

1.58m³ x $20 x 3 = $94.80

Storage of the items will be charged based on cubic metre volume of the items. The total volume is calculated per day and charged at a rate of $20 per month. Storing 1.58m³ for 3 months will cost $94.80

• Frieght & Forwarding


We will measure and weigh each box and enter the details into the system. This will generate a shipping price and labels. These labels will then be printed and stuck on the cartons. For example, if the carton size is 49cm x 34cm x 17cm and 8kg each with a total of 14 cartons sent to Amazon BWU1 warehouse, the price will be about $85

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Zhongguo Information Technology Co. Ltd.

“The BPTFL service is great. They provide fast relabelling and delivery service. BPTFL was quick and prompt and answered all questions to the best of their ability. Their charge was also reasonable. Excellent service!”

Jiujiang Ziyu Trade Co. Ltd.

“Great service and really nice work. I looked at several companies which provided storage, relabelling and delivery services before I chose BPTFL. Thank god I chose him! The charges they have is very reasonable, cheaper than whatever Amazon or others offer. Definitely recommend!!!”

Profits Technology Co. Ltd.

“Great service and speed! I have used many different warehouses overseas, and they often operate very slowly (over 1 week). However, the handling time for BPTFL is only 1 day!! No mistakes too! Brilliant with very reasonable prices. I truly recommend this company.”